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Make your own Mayan Chocolate from scratch!

Discover the Bean to Bar Chocolate Making Process inside our little great Chocolate Factory in Cozumel

Watch & Learn

Discover the Bean to Bar Chocolate Making process inside our little great chocolate factory located off the beaten path in the beautiful Island of Cozumel Mèxico.


Learn the origin of Cacao and the over five thousand years history behind, Discover the tools and ingredients used by Mayans to make the sacred beverage: “chocolhaa” (hot cocoa).

Craft your own chocolate

Live the experience of grinding cacao beans with an authentic chocolate mill to craft your drinking chocolate mix to take back home.


All along the tour you will try the different flavors of the Cacao during its process (Rosted cacao beans, cacao paste and our product line) and the Mayan drink made with the original ingredients.


History of Cacao (Origins and trajectory until our time).

Explanation about the Chocolate-making Process (from the tree to the bar).

Discover and taste the Mayan drink made in a traditional way in front of you with cacao beans and the original ingredients.

View our Chocolate making kitchens through windows.

Cacao in the world nowadays (varieties and production).

Make your own Chocolate Mexican disc from scratch (from the bean) to take home.

Kaokao’s several chocolate samples.

Free Wifi
Purified Water



Grinding room (at Kaokao Factory)


Approximately 90 minutes

Tour Times:

9 a.m. / 11 a.m. / 1 p.m.



Maximum Capacity:

12 People


“ Cozumel does not observe Daylight Saving Time: we do not move our clock! "

Cozumel runs in LOCAL TIME Cruise ships may differ please check with your cruise line before you get off the ship.

This tour is not recommended for children under the age of 8 due to potential behavioral issues. However, children under 8 are still accepted, with the regular fee applying.

We appreciate you arrive about 15 minutes before the tour hour you have booked, in order to give you a better service.
Every tour starts exactly on the hour (9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m.).


We are a small bean to bar chocolate factory and our space is limited so we must request online reservations with a deposit in order to provide you the best service.


$ 40 US dollars per person

(minimum age recommended 8 years old)
Book with only $10 usd deposit per person.
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Based on 362 reviews
milissa sampson
milissa sampson
They feed you chocolate after showing you around the place
Ashley Pigott
Ashley Pigott
The tour was an amazing experience. Nancy was our chocolate guide and she was wonderful and very good at explaining the whole chocolate making process and the differences between all the various types of chocolates we got to sample. Some of our friends did a different tour offered through their cruise ship and said it wasn’t as good, so I would highly recommend choosing this tour if you can!
tina G
tina G
Amazing experience. I have been to several chocolate tours over the years and this one Wins!! Jafet taught me so much and he is a wonderful person. He was so knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I sampled lots of chocolate and Jafet explained the differences in them. I was also able to make and try drinking chocolate!! I made chocolate cinnamon disks to take home. All of the staff was welcoming and pleasant. I would love to do it again! I will suggest to others. I hope this business prospers!
Kate Hussey
Kate Hussey
This was a great experience, a family run tour where you get history, education and then you make chocolate. Nanci was a great guide, very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks for the great experience.
Cynthia Duhm
Cynthia Duhm
The full tour was so incredibly enjoyable!!! We loved that it’s off the beaten path and not as touristy as some places. They were super happy and friendly and so great in every way! What a fun and educational Experience!!! We highly recommend it!!!!!
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor
This was an excellent and entertaining tour, starting with an overview of how chocolate is made and its history, (and taste testing of various types of chocolate), and concluding with trying your own hand at production using a traditional method. Nancy was an excellent host/guide. It is well worth the time spent. You get to take home the chocolate you make, which turned out to be pretty good, if not exactly what I am used to back in the US.
Candace Telep
Candace Telep
Interesting tour to taste different chocolate flavors, learn how they are made and even make your own! Enjoyed it with my teenage daughter.
Based on 1007 reviews
Heath P
Heath P
Best thing we did in Cozumel Factory tour. We loved the tour. Our guide Jafet was amazing! This is a must do in Cozumel. We absolutely loved it! My wife found this tour online and gave it to me as a birthday present. It will definitely be a core memory.
Glen H
Glen H
A Hidden Gem My wife and I, plus another couple, had a wonderful time as our teacher/instructor, Jafez, taught us the history of chocolate making in his country. We sampled many different kinds of chocolate, but the best part was making some ourselves. We have been to Cozumel many times, but this was by far the most fun we've had on Cozumel since honeymooning there 23 years ago!
Kate H
Kate H
Chocolate Tour This was a great experience for my husband and I, and would be great for all ages. Nanci was a great tour guide, and made my birthday fun. You get to make chocolate and take it home with you
Very Informative! It was a lot of fun to learn how the Mayans made chocolate. Nancy, our excellent guide took us through the entire process of making chocolate from bean to disk in a very hands-on experience. We were able to sample many varieties of chocolate made with beans that are produced on Mexico's mainland. We were also able to watch the employees producing chocolate bars in a workroom.
Need to do this again This experience was even better than expected! Nancy was a wonderful educator and made it so fun. So many samples too! This was really interesting and very hands-on. We intend to do it again on a future trip. The building looks like everything else on the outside, but once you get inside and see the trees growing inside it's just gorgeous. It's a bit far from the main part of town, but it is walkable if you're up to it in the heat. The taxi there was expensive so we braved the hot sun on the way back and stopped in a couple of stores to get some AC.
Theresa C
Theresa C
Interesting, informative, and delicious! I'm so glad that we took a chance on this wonderful tour with Jafet. He was a perfect guide -- knowledgeable about the history of cacao trees (and we got to see one), the use of the cacao bean, and the process by which different types of chocolate are made. This was interactive (we got to taste and to make different kinds of chocolate) and fun. He was down-to-earth, personable, and real. No tourist-y patter, just wonderful conversation and hands-on learning that left us with a deep appreciation for the history of the cacao and the extensive process that creates a bar of chocolate or a drink. This is worth the taxi ride.
Fun and learn! Hidden in a narrow alley, the chocolate factory not only shows you how to make chocolate but shares the rich Mayan culture about their life. They make and sell various types of chocolates, including hazelnut, white and stevia based no sugar variety. The people over there are super nice. The chocolate class lasts about 90 minutes without much of a walk that might of help to a challenged person. Costs $30 and they take visa no Amex. Lot of places in Cozumel do not accept plastic. Highly recommended if you are looking to do something away from the beach.
Not worth it This tour was part of the City Highlights tour. I didn’t think this was even worth the stop. You received a 5 minute demonstration of how they grind beans and make chocolate and then go to the shop to purchase their products. The chocolate seemed pricey although they had many flavours you could taste test. I did buy some pure vanilla for a decent price.
Nikki B
Nikki B
Fun experience-would recommend Was a lot of fun. Got to try chocolate in various stages of the process, make our chocolate, make a chocolate drink, and learn a little about the Mayan culture. Our guide was fantastic. Would definitely recommend
Rhonda A
Rhonda A
Must do in Cozumel- so fun! Loved this tour. Was recommended by our tour guide from Mystic Snorkel and we are grateful she did! History of chocolate making, 12-15 bites of different types of chocolate , make your own disk to bring home and making hot chocolate as the finale. Nancy led the tour and she was an absolute delight as well as very knowledgeable. Tour takes 90 minutes and is $30 per person. Sign up ahead. Ninety minutes sounds like a lot but it flew by. Great last tour before heading home. Highly recommend!


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