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Make your own Mayan Chocolate from scratch!

Discover the Bean to Bar Chocolate Making Process inside our little great Chocolate Factory in Cozumel

Watch & Learn

Discover the Bean to Bar Chocolate Making process inside our little great chocolate factory located off the beaten path in the beautiful Island of Cozumel Mèxico.


Learn the origin of Cacao and the over five thousand years history behind, Discover the tools and ingredients used by Mayans to make the sacred beverage: “chocolhaa” (hot cocoa).

Craft your own chocolate

Live the experience of grinding cacao beans with an authentic chocolate mill to craft your drinking chocolate mix to take back home.


All along the tour you will try the different flavors of the Cacao during its process (Rosted cacao beans, cacao paste and our product line) and the Mayan drink made with the original ingredients.


History of Cacao (Origins and trajectory until our time).

Explanation about the Chocolate-making Process (from the tree to the bar).

Discover and taste the Mayan drink made in a traditional way in front of you with cacao beans and the original ingredients.

View our Chocolate making kitchens through windows.

Cacao in the world nowadays (varieties and production).

Make your own Chocolate Mexican disc from scratch (from the bean) to take home.

Kaokao’s several chocolate samples.

Free Wifi
Purified Water



Grinding room (at Kaokao Factory)


Approximately 90 minutes

Tour Times:

9 a.m. / 11 a.m. / 1 p.m.



Maximum Capacity:

12 People


“ Cozumel does not observe Daylight Saving Time: we do not move our clock! "

Cozumel runs in LOCAL TIME Cruise ships may differ please check with your cruise line before you get off the ship.

This tour is not recommended for children under the age of 12, however they are accepted (regular fee apply).

We appreciate you arrive about 15 minutes before the tour hour you have booked, in order to give you a better service.
Every tour starts exactly on the hour (9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m.).


We are a small bean to bar chocolate factory and our space is limited so we must request online reservations with a deposit in order to provide you the best service.


$ 30 US dollars per person

(minimum age recommended 12 years old)
Book with only $10 usd deposit per person.
Don’t forget to visit our



Based on 326 reviews
Bobbie Rush
Bobbie Rush
What a fun little start to our day. We had Nancy as our tour guide and she was fun and knowledgeable. We enjoyed tasting the varieties of chocolate and making our own to take with us. A good activity for kids as well as adults and the groups are small and intimate if you want to get away from the crowd.
Jennifer W
Jennifer W
We were looking for a Norte, rainy day activity on the island and my husband found this gem. We did the tour with tastings and chocolate making. Our tour guide Jafte made this such a fun and educational tour, and we all thoroughly enjoyed making chocolate. Highly recommend for kids and adults alike!
Mike Borisenko
Mike Borisenko
What a gem this place was. It's a perfect blend of trying chocolates, learning history, and making your own chocolate. The venue is somewhat small, coupled with increasing popularity, it might be difficult to get in. Definitely book ASAP and get in there. Bonus tip: If taking the ferry over, buy some Dramamine before you get on board.
Lis Geraci
Lis Geraci
What a fun activity! It's ~$8/person for a 30 min talk on the history of chocolate and a tasting of each of their ~20 chocolates. Park in the neighborhood and ring the bell when you get there, they'll come right out to let you in.
Barbara Ann Reese
Barbara Ann Reese
Had a glorious time in Cozumel. We obtained a tour guide and learned some interesting facts. Plus we were given first hand facts on the best restaurants eat in while on the island.
Jeff Z
Jeff Z
The best tour we’ve done in Mexico! Nancy was a great guide. It was just the 2 of us so our tour was private. We tasted so much chocolate, drank traditional Mayan chocolate drinks, learned all about the process, and took some chocolate home. So, for $25 USD it’s worth it.
We had a wonderful time learning about chocolate and making our own! Jafet our tour guide was great, informative, and had a great sense of humor.
P Yackus
P Yackus
Need to start off saying that Stephanie at the factory is awesome. Booked this tour as different experience while in Cozumel on a cruise. Easy to hold a spot online, and recommend since they have limited space due to Covid. Was an $11 taxi ride for 4 people to the factory. The factory was different as it is also part of the owners home so the downstairs was the factory. But was interesting to see a small factory that was making chocolate that we were seeing in all the ports of call. When we got there the only issue was that we had forgotten to adjust for the time change and were an hour late. Our fault, not there's. But Stephanie was amazing, she was able to still work us through the tour and have us make the chocolate. This was neat as it not only explained the process but also gave as a variety of souvenirs to bring home. Afterwards they have a small gift shop and then they call, or in our case the taxi waited, for a ride home for you. So we did the tour as we wanted a simple tour for Cozumel and didn't want to spend the entire day on the beach. Would have liked to have maybe been able to explore more of the area around the factory but not sure if there was much to do in that area as it wasn't designed for tourism but hope that as the tour expands the area gets some more shops. Lastly, Stephanie was a good guide and even made sure to include our traveling armadillo into the fun as well.


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